CNC Machining UK News : Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

We live in a world where the word hybrid is now common. Perhaps you have thought about buying a hybrid car? Or maybe you have ridden on a hybrid bus? So it should not come as a shock to learn that hybrid additive manufacturing is now common place in CNC machining UK news. Used successfully for complex moulds, tools that used to be manufactured in the Far East can now be manufactured right at home in UK.

Not only can CAD/CAM and hybrid additive manufacturing makes these tools that before were outsourced; the new techniques ensure that the tools are made in half the conventional time. We all know that speed and quality are of the highest importance when it comes to manufacturing. And you will be pleased to learn that quality is not being compromised by using this ultra fast hybrid technology.

CNC Machining UK NewsCNC Machining UK News : From the Far East to Back Home

Traditionally the process of manufacturing mould tools for complex parts is long and time-intensive. Between the sign off of a design and the delivery of the tools in the UK there was normally at least a gap of 4 months. Thankfully times have changed and innovation has cut mould making times drastically.

Hybrid additive manufacturing is finding its way into toolmaking, as an exciting new technology. Hybrid machining and metal additive manufacturing allows for moulds to be made more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before. The first installation of this kind in the UK was at OGM. The new tech is creating waves, and transforming the way moulds are made. In turn, the UK is enjoying a change in the manufacture of plastic parts.

One Machine, Two Technologies

The new hybrid technology that includes metal additive manufacturing and machining in one machine is changing the face of mould production. Customers are enjoying much quicker production times for complex moulds, and at a really affordable price. Combining traditional machining with metal additive manufacturing is making this all possible. Never before has direct laser sintering been used directly in conjunction with traditional CNC machines. The results are simply stunning and most definitely very impressive too.

How it Works

CNC machining UK news has been transformed by this new technology. So let’s take a look at how it works. The system can build mould features, layer by layer, from powder, using a laser. Upon completion of each layer, excess material is removed allowing for the generation of the next layer and the geometry of the tool.

This new technology is cutting production times by up to 50%. That’s not forgetting that this technology was not available before in the UK, and long wait times for outsourced products needed to be added to the overall timescale. A solid block is the basis for the technology. Onto this, more complex structures are added with each layer. The type of mould features produced would be extremely difficult to produce using any other type of technology.

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