Vertical CNC Milling Machine : Important Features

A vertical CNC milling machine is a machines that operates with vertically oriented tools. Most of the operations include drilling and milling with the help of CNC or Computer Numerically Operated machines. It is efficient in completing jobs which include drilling, planing, profile contouring, slot and keyway cutting. As these equipments are controlled by computers and CNC, they are known to be precise and accurate in cutting, drilling and other such procedures. It includes multi-dimensional work planes that move both the work piece and the cutting head simultaneously. This type of advances milling and drilling can be seen in CNC workshops across the UK.

Vertical CNC Milling Machine : Features of Modern CNC Machines

The spindle axis in a vertical mill is oriented in a vertical position. Spindles are used to hold the cutters and it rotates on the axis of the spindles. It is easy to drill and cut with these equipments as the spindles can be extended according to work requisites. There are basically two types of vertical equipments which include the turret and bed mill. The turret mill includes a stationary spindle axis. For the process of cutting, the table of the equipment is moved parallel and perpendicular to the axis of the spindle.

These equipments have quills with which the cutters can be lowered and raised. This allows for an extensive amount of different cuts to be made. Working on more axes than older and more traditional machines, a modern vertical CNC milling machine is capable of making extremely precise cuts and in turn CNC parts. Now let’s take a look at a bed mill.

In the bed mill the table of the equipment moves only vertical to the axis of the spindle. Large equipments are usually of the bed variety as it is easier to operate than the turret machines. The turret machines are versatile but if the size of the equipment is large, it requires considerable effort and time to use it efficiently. This means that for a production line that is quick, it is necessary to use a bed mill.

Vertical CNC Milling Machine

Drill Presses

Another type of vertical CNC milling machine is a drill press. The drill press is the most common variety of cnc milling machine. The entire drilling process is completed with the help of this equipment as the tool bit remains static in the drill press. The vertical movement of the equipment is essential for the process of drilling. There are semi-operated, fully automated, semi-automated equipments among the Computer Numerically Controlled equipments.

Both the work-piece and the tool on these equipments are driven and controlled by computers. These computers operate on the basis of CAD files which include the programs necessary to move the tools during the operational procedures. Working on CAD files that have previously been loaded into the CNC computer, error is virtually non-existent. CNC allows for quicker and more accurate drilling and cutting, and is virtually replacing manual machines on the factory floor. 

Functional Procedures

The functions of the CNC milling machine begin with a comprehensive drawing which is produced by the one of the CAD programs. This specific drawing includes all necessary details relating to the work-piece. The base of the program requires informative details about the profile and dimension of the work-piece. The program also includes varied information such as machining sequences, different types of tools used, and the speed of the tools, the physical dimension of the work-piece and the start and end points.

As the entire process of machining is controlled by the computer, it requires less human intervention and effort. One of the greatest advantages of these machines includes its incomparable efficiency and accuracy in the process of drilling and machining. It can be used to complete a wide variety of operations which include the template drilling, boring and reaming, face and contour grinding, slot and keyway cutting and so forth.


CNC milling and turning are evolving every day. A far cry from the basic machines of the past, a modern vertical cnc milling machine will work on many axes. This allows for so much more to be possible from one machine. CAD and CNC ensure that there is no room for error, and that the speed for production of parts is faster than ever before.

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